Haldor Dashboard

A personal overview page that provides a complete view of what you have coming up in the near future. Using the free dashboard, it’s easy to navigate through the functions of Haldor Education Suite, such as planning, assignments, timetables, assessments and attendance.

Share information quickly and easily

The dashboard is part of all Haldor add-ins and also includes the Haldor news function. Schools can use it to pass on relevant information to students and guardians quickly and smoothly*.

The news items can be targeted at the whole school, one or more classes, a group of students, individual students or guardians*.

The school can also add links to the dashboard that are particularly relevant to you and which you use frequently, such as to the weekly menu. Add different links for different groups, such as students or teachers.

News available at all reading levels

The Microsoft Immersive Reader is integrated with the news feed, making current information more accessible for all users, regardless of their reading and writing ability.

For example, students and guardians with reading and writing difficulties can change the text font, size and spacing, change the colour contrast, divide into syllables or have the text read aloud. Using the translation function, users can have news items translated into the language they choose and read aloud.

*requires the Haldor Guardians add-in.

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Personalise Teams with Haldor Education Suite

Haldor Education Suite is the collective name for Haldor’s educational add-ins, which are completely integrated with Microsoft Teams. The Haldor Dashboard is always included free-of-charge with all add-ins.

Combine Haldor’s add-ins based on your needs and tailor Teams according to your school or municipality.

Choose from the following add-ins:

Or choose all the Haldor Education Suite add-ins for a complete, modern learning management system, LMS, completely integrated in Microsoft Teams.

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